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The power of consistency and motivation in sport

Jaroslav Jetelina, 22. 06. 2023
The power of consistency and motivation in sport

For many of us, sport is an integral part of our days; it fills us up, and we simply can't imagine it without regular exercise. But sometimes it is hard to find motivation when we are tired or just don't feel like it. It's normal. But what plays a role in the fact that even though we would prefer to stay at home, we still go out for a workout and go for a run? The consistency of our workouts plays a role, as does the fact that if we develop a certain habit, we can overcome it and go out even when we don't feel like it. So if you're starting out with the sport and struggling with a lack of motivation, hang in there; regularity and consistency will help.


  1. Consistency is the key to success: consistent and regular workouts or activities create healthy habits and allow you to track your progress;
  2. Motivation drives forward: intrinsic motivation and the "why" help overcome obstacles, set and achieve goals, and build resilience to setbacks;
  3. Set realistic goals and track progress: set achievable goals and regularly monitor your progress towards them;
  4. Surround yourself with positive influences: having supportive people around you and participating in group activities can increase motivation and aid in consistency;
  5. Rest is essential: recovery is key to athletic performance and injury prevention; listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.

Consistency: the key to achieving goals

Consistency is the key to achieving your goals as an athlete. Whether you're trying to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your performance, long-term consistency and regularity are essential. Let's take a look at what consistency will help you with:

  1. Creates habits: the more often you do something, the more it becomes a habit. When you consistently go to the gym or follow a healthy diet, these activities become second nature, creating new healthy habits that become automatic.
  2. It helps you track your progress: there's nothing better than seeing the progress that we've made thanks to our determination. Be patient, stick to your routine, and the results will start to come.
  3. Helps build confidence: confidence in one's own abilities is key to peak athletic performance. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will be more likely to move towards your goals, whatever they may be.
  4. Routine versus overtraining: being consistent in no way means not giving your body enough recovery. Recovery is key to sparring performance, so it should have a firm place in our routine to make it sustainable and to prevent injuries. Despite this, it is often neglected. Let's face it: who among us has the most trouble getting ourselves to stretch our stressed muscles on a regular basis?

Motivation: the driving force behind success

Motivation is the engine that drives us forward. It is the driving force behind your daily activities and the reason you strive to excel.

  1. Motivation helps you overcome obstacles: life and sport can present challenges. Injuries, setbacks, and defeats are inevitable and are sure to be part of your journey. However, motivated and positive people are more likely to succeed despite the challenges they face. Motivation, whatever it may be, will help you keep going, even when things seem insurmountably difficult.
  2. Motivation helps set a goal: motivation plays a vital role in setting and achieving goals. This is because you have a certain idea of what you want to achieve. This helps you set realistic goals and work toward them with purpose and determination.
  3. Motivation and consistency help build resilience: resilience is the ability to bounce back from a low point and recover quickly from any setbacks. Setbacks or injuries will then not be insurmountable for you; they will just be part of the journey to success. In short, you will learn not to give up, and that is important.

How do I stay consistent and motivated?

Sometimes it's hard to get started but even harder to stick with it, so to avoid being a perpetual beginner, a little planning and thinking about scheduling your workouts according to where you're going is a good idea. And how do you do it?

  1. Set realistic goals: setting achievable goals is crucial to staying motivated. It's easy to lose motivation if you set the bar too high. Create goals that test your abilities but are still within your reach.
  2. Keep track of your progress: the first visible results can give us a real kick, enthusiasm, and motivation. Document your training and progress so you can remind yourself how far you've come and that it's worth not giving up. But be patient; everything takes its time, and every little progress counts.
  3. Find your reason: motivation comes from within. To stay motivated, you need to discover your "why". How has sport benefited your life? What motivates you to continually perform at your best? If you can see the reason that makes the effort invested in sports meaningful, it's much easier to persevere when things aren't going well.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people: surrounding yourself with positive influences can help you stay motivated and consistent. Having supportive and positive people in your life can keep you motivated and on track. Find teammates who share your interest in sports, join a team or club, and take part in group training sessions. Especially if you're new to the sport, we recommend finding a coach to guide you through the beginning and keeping an eye on your technique.
  5. Rest, rest, rest: recovery time is just as important as training time. Give yourself the time you need to rest and recover. If you don't feel well or are exhausted, give yourself a day off. It's better to take one day to recover than to disobey your body by pushing it to extremes. It's easy to lose motivation and determination because our system is simply unsustainable.


Success in sport requires a significant amount of determination, motivation, consistency and endurance. But it's worth it, find your routine that works for you, look for different ways. Whether a training group helps you or naopoak complete peace of mind for your focus, whether you need to train daily to meet your goals or just want to improve your fitness in your spare time, it's always important to persevere. The results will start to come gradually. Wishing you much sporting success!

Jaroslav Jetelina