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Clear whey isolate

What is Clear Whey Protein?👇

Clear whey protein isolate, also known as clear protein isolate, is a modern form of whey protein that differs from traditional whey proteins (WPC, WPI, WPH). The key difference is that Clear Whey is transparent and has a lighter consistency, as opposed to the typical creamy and milky whey proteins.

The production of this product is similar to that of milk whey concentrates or isolates, but the clear protein process involves acidification and purification of the whey concentrate at low pH. Enzymatic hydrolysis also comes into play, breaking down long amino acid chains into shorter peptides. This process figuratively "pre-digests" proteins, making the proteins in the final product digestible much faster than, for example, traditional WPC concentrates. It's worth noting that the bioavailability (usability by the body) of clear whey proteins is far higher than their "milky" counterparts.

The thorough protein isolation process removes almost all fats and lactose, meaning that the Clear whey isolate contains minimal carbohydrates and fats compared to conventional whey proteins. For instance, the fat content in hyve clear whey isolate is 0%. The carbohydrate content in the lime flavor is also 0%. If you are an athlete monitoring your carbohydrate and fat intake, hyve clear whey in lime flavor is a good choice as it contains none.

What are the advantages of clear whey proteins?

The main advantages of clear proteins include:

  • 💡Do not have a milky taste
  • 💡Have a refreshing fruity taste
  • 💡Are easy to digest
  • 💡Contain a full spectrum of BCAAs
  • 💡Have a high content of Leucine
  • 💡Help with fluid intake after a long workout
  • 💡Serve as an alternative to traditional protein drinks
  • 💡Fat content per 100 g of raw material is about 0% 
  • 💡Carbohydrate content per 100 g of raw material is about 0%

hyve clear whey protein has a natural composition and does not contain artificial sweeteners

In addition to all the positive properties mentioned above, hyve whey proteins can boast that they:

  • do not contain artificial sweeteners
  • do not contain artificial flavors
  • ✅ do not contain artificial colors

How can clear whey help you and how to properly dose it?

General recommendations for daily protein intake per kilogram of body weight are as follows:

  • Population with sedentary jobs: 0.8-1 g protein / kg / day
  • Athletes aiming to build muscle mass: 1.6-2 g protein / kg / day
  • Endurance athletes: 1.2-4 g protein / kg / day

Not all athletes, however, consistently achieve the recommended daily protein intake per kilogram of body weight. This can be due to many factors, with the time-consuming nature of preparing nutritionally balanced meals probably being the main one.

If you're trying to stick to a regular and balanced diet, in most cases, 1-2 protein drinks per day will suffice to reach your daily protein intake. Let's see how hyve clear whey can help you with the following example:

  • From 1 serving (20 g) of hyve clear whey isolate, an average active woman (60 kg) receives between 17-21% and an average active man (80 kg) 13-17% of their recommended protein intake, depending on which category of athlete they belong to (bodybuilder vs. endurance athlete).

We recommend mixing the protein with cold to ice-cold water for maximum refreshment. You can also add fruit of your choice to the drink. Consume the protein throughout your week according to the following general recommendation: 

On training days

  • Mix one serving ideally after a workout
  • Include another serving during the day depending on your needs
  • Consume clear protein at least 2 hours before bedtime in the evening

On non-training days

  • Dose the protein according to the individual recommended daily protein intake just as on a training day 
  • You can consume the protein anytime during the day
  • Consume clear protein at least 2 hours before bedtime in the evening