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Protein packages and samples

What will you find in our protein sample offer? 👇

In our selection, you will find both single-dose samples and cost-effective kilogram packages.

Hyve protein samples vary in weight depending on the flavor variant, coming in at 24 g or 35 g. We also offer cost-effective protein packages weighing one kilogram.

Samples of hyve clear whey protein in lime and lemon-pineapple flavors weigh 24 grams and contain 20 or 19 grams of protein depending on the flavor. These variants offer a refreshing taste and provide the ideal refreshment after physical exertion when mixed with 300 ml of water.

We also offer samples of the hyve wpc 80 concentrate in flavors such as banana, strawberry, and chocolate, each weighing 35 grams. Banana and strawberry contain 23 grams of protein, while chocolate contains 25 grams.

Hyve protein samples are compact and are packaged in durable foil that protects the content from water and moisture. This makes our sample packages an ideal choice for situations where it is not possible or desirable to carry larger packages. Hence, these samples are perfect for multi-day stays such as holidays, mountain trips, training camps, and competitions or races.

The samples are available in the form of individual packages, which can be added to your order, or in packs of 5, which contain all 5 flavors of hyve whey proteins with natural composition.

In this category, you will also find cost-effective kilogram packages. Kilogram packages of hyve whey protein are packed in black, resealable doypacks, which can be easily placed anywhere at home.

Hyve clear whey protein isolate samples in points:

  • Flavors: Lime, Lemon-Pineapple
  • Sample weight: 24g
  • Protein content: 20g for lime, 19g for lemon-pineapple
  • Characteristics: Refreshing clear proteins, ideal for mixing with 300ml of water and instant refreshment after physical activity.

Hyve WPC 80 concentrate samples in points:

  • Flavors: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate
  • Sample weight: 35g
  • Protein content: 23g for banana and strawberry, 25g for chocolate

How the samples and packages are packaged:

  • Packaging: Durable foil against water and moisture
  • Formats: Individual packages or a pack of 5 with a mix of all 5 flavors
  • Kilogram Packages: Black resealable doypacks for easy storage anywhere at home

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